Chongxin County Public Security Bureau Jinping police station successfully rescued the missing mother and daughter

2022-07-21 0 By

Chongxin County public Security Bureau Jinping police station adhering to the “enthusiastic service, dedicated to the performance of duty” attitude of work, want to think of the masses, urgent people urgent, practical action for the masses to do practical things, do good things, solve problems, with the true feelings of kindness to build a harmonious relationship between the police and the people.Recently, the area received cui so-and-so of the police for help: “my daughter went out for three hours, now has not come home, request police assistance to find.”Immediately called the police to the scene, the understanding, so-and-so daughter Cui Mou insane, cui Cui Mou green belt did not return after his daughter to go out, his family for three hours, police appeasing alarm people anxious mood, while carefully understand the identity of the mother and daughter lost information, immediately after the clothing, physical characteristics, organization police visit nearby to find,Call out the lost location and the surrounding surveillance.After 3 hours of searching finally found two people, and sent them back home, Cui said she was very grateful to the police for helping her find her daughter and granddaughter, the police said that serving the people is the duty of the police, and told them to strengthen the care and care of her daughter in the future, to avoid similar things happen again.