When buying cabbage, don’t just look at the size, learn to look at these three places, vegetable farmers say you are an expert

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Make a few tips every day to keep healthy and nutritious around.Cabbage is a vegetable we are familiar with, in the autumn and winter season, cabbage immediately becomes a favorite vegetable, it is not only cheap, can be stored for a long time, so after the winter, many families will buy it back in large quantities, stockpile can eat the whole winter.Now that winter is almost over, have you run out of cabbages at home?Qing Qing had also stored some cabbages at home, and now she has eaten enough of them and is ready to buy fresh ones.Cabbage is available all the year round, usually we buy cabbage one by one, only in the winter when it is easy to keep, buy more, because then you do not always have to go out to buy.Don’t look at cabbage price cheap, its nutritional value is also very high, it contains a lot of crude fiber, vitamin C, vitamin E and so on, can have run bowel laxative effect, so all the year round often eat cabbage is advantageous to the body.Cabbage can be cooked in a variety of ways, either boiled or stir-fried, or pickled to make spicy cabbage, which is also very appetizing.But when it comes to selling cabbages, do you really get it right?Sell cabbages not to see size only, teach you to see these 3 places, vegetable farmer a look you be connoisseur, not afraid to buy wrong, we go down to see together!There are different varieties of Chinese cabbage, so his taste is also different, when buying Chinese cabbage, if there are different kinds of Chinese cabbage in front of some friends may be confused, do not know which one is better, in fact, we can first look at the heel of the Chinese cabbage.The root is the hard part at the bottom of the cabbage, and when we go to buy the cabbage, the root has been removed, so the cabbage has no mud.If you look carefully, you can see that the root of the cabbage has some big and some small, so which kind should we buy?Generally speaking, the root is small to the cabbage, the cabbage is relatively thick, the water content is relatively high, the vegetable leaves part is less, so the water used for stir-frying is more, it is not crisp enough to eat.If you’re a fan of stir-fried cabbage, it’s best to steer clear of the smaller ones.You can choose big root vegetables, such cabbage leaves, less water, used to fry eating is very good.There are two colors of cabbages in the market, green and yellow. Yellow cabbages, which are precocious, come to market earlier than green cabbages.It also looks like baby vegetables, because the price of baby vegetables is more expensive, so some businesses peel off several layers outside, used to sell when the baby vegetables, we should pay attention to this situation when buying vegetables oh!Which kind of cabbage with yellow leaves or green leaves is the most delicious?Some friends think that the cabbage with yellow leaves is more delicious, but in fact it is not like this. Compared with the cabbage with green leaves, the cabbage with yellow leaves has more water content and tastes more light, which is more suitable for cooking.If you buy cabbage with yellow leaves, it’s best to eat it early because it’s high in water and tends to rot if kept too long.And the green leaves of the cabbage water less, rich dietary fiber, especially suitable for frying, eat clear crisp, there is a light fragrance, take vinegar cabbage super meal.Three, look at the size of the cabbage leaves in addition to green, yellow, in fact, there are also the size of the points, carefully observe it is not difficult to find that some cabbage leaves are small, some cabbage leaves have a lot of parts.I don’t know whether you like to eat vegetable leaves, like qing Qing, do not like to eat vegetables, because the leaves are soft and tender, so is it better to have more leaves or less leaves?We can take a look at the cabbage with large leaves, and touch the side of the cabbage with a hand, we will find that the side of the cabbage with large leaves is thinner, indicating that the cabbage has less water.The cabbage with less leaves has a thicker side and more moisture, so we can choose the cabbage with bigger leaves. This cabbage is more crispy, and it is very delicious no matter what kind of cooking method is used.In addition, we can also look at whether the cabbage is damaged, if found in this case, it is best not to buy, but also look at whether there are black spots on the cabbage, if there is that the cabbage has gone bad, not fresh cabbage, such cabbage we do not buy oh!Because the cabbage is bigger, we can’t eat the cabbage once we buy it, so we must keep the cabbage well. It’s best to put it in a dry and ventilated place. It’s best not to stack it together or put it in a damp place, which will accelerate the decay of the cabbage and is not conducive to the preservation of the cabbage.Do you know where to look when buying cabbages in the future?If you like this post, please give qingqing a thumbs up and forward!Stay tuned for more life hacks next time.