Zhengzhou fire protection measures to carry out the Spring Festival and winter Olympics during the propaganda work

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Zhengzhou fire during the Spring Festival and the winter Olympics as fire control propaganda and the key period, intensify propaganda and the research sets out targeted propaganda work plan, formed a powerful propaganda offensive, quickly set off the Spring Festival, the winter games in the city fire control propaganda and boom, and major activities during the city’s fire security situation for the festival continued stability has played an important role.First, strong publicity atmosphere.Zhengdong New District Brigade has made excellent public interest film on fire prevention to remind the audience to pay attention to fire safety, and has actively contacted the cinemas in the area. All 56 projection halls in 8 cinemas have implanted fire prevention propaganda tips before the film is shown.In addition, 8 outdoor display screens, more than 200 LED screens and more than 400 electronic propaganda boards in the district are broadcast in a full range of fire protection propaganda tips, so that the masses can subtly accept fire safety education in entertainment and life.Xinzheng brigade to “send a letter to the city’s people in winter fire safety”, “on the winter vacation fire safety letter”, fire safety spread to thousands of households, do a good job of the city’s people and winter vacation fire safety propaganda and education work;The railway Station brigade used the boot screen of 320 cable TV sets of hotels in the area to play public welfare video on fire safety, and used the LED electronic strip screen of 5 hotels in the area to play fire warning.2. Mobilize grass-roots publicity teams.Gaoxin Brigade carries out fire protection propaganda work in central park, Park MAO and other key places during the Spring Festival with fire protection propaganda vehicles. Every day from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., they take shifts to watch propaganda videos, distribute propaganda color pages and popularize fire safety knowledge.Jinshui brigade publicity staff into the impression, international trade 360, Triumph square and cinemas and other crowded places to carry out fire publicity activities;ZhongMou brigade propaganda, front on duty personnel respectively in the green expo garden, square, happy world, movie town, sets up the fire only henan scenic area flow booth, grant elaborate fire to tourists and staff knowledge propaganda and bag packing, on fire control safety knowledge at the same time, hang out with “sanqing three pass”.Third, give play to the role of new media publicity.The detachment all Media Center created and designed 14 original animation images, group pictures, short videos and other works based on the lunar Folk customs around the New Year.Joint dengfeng brigade for shaolin Temple broadcast, remind the general public to go out to play attention to fire safety, protect the safety of cultural relics and ancient buildings and other scenic spots, joint Henan traffic broadcast production branch captain, political commissar New Year greeting broadcast daily in the morning and evening peak hours popularize fire safety knowledge;New secret brigade into the ice and snow world to carry out fire propaganda, filming and production of “help the Winter Olympics” short video.Zhengdong New District Team combined the characters of athletes and firefighters in the Winter Olympics to produce a series of cartoon works called “Firefighters help the Winter Olympics”.Gaoxin Brigade shot the propaganda video for the New Year, which reflected the implementation of the daily life system of firefighters and the creation of the atmosphere of the New Year camp, recorded the real state of firefighters one by one, and showed the tender and emotional side of firefighters by using new media.Fourth, strengthen the publicity of household fire.The detachment used SMS platform to send home fire safety knowledge to key social groups;Among them, Xinzheng Brigade cooperated with China Mobile to carry out the education and guidance of “fire safety warning message”, compiled and sent “Xinzheng Fire Warning To You” to send 100,000 mobile messages in the form of SMS, and sent more than 80 fire safety warning messages in 13 wechat work groups.During the festival, the brigade makes a “fire calendar” in line with the characteristics of the Spring Festival every day to carry out extensive fire safety tips, and makes full use of wechat moments and wechat working group to push frequent fire safety reminders for key units, property and social masses under the administration, effectively improving the quality of fire safety of the whole people.The street brigade launched the community property in the prominent location of the residents of the community hanging residents’ life “three clearance three customs”, safety with fire, electricity and gas and other tips more than 150, more than 800 posters.