Foxconn announced the follow-up layout, Terry Gou wants to return to the Chinese market is false, ulterior motives is true

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Learn more about science and technology at Circle Talk Technology.Today with you to talk about: Foxconn announced the follow-up layout, want to return to the Chinese market is false, Terry Gou has ulterior motives is true.After 20 years of development, the domestic significantly improved its overall industrial level, China has become the world’s largest industrial market, with the help of the benefits of China’s population, more and more contract gradually rise, become the international capital market of China’s “new favorite”, the company enjoy the welfare of the domestic market, successful growth to the world’s biggest parts suppliers.Foxconn gained the status and value it deserved thanks to Apple’s orders, but Gou began to “drift”, and once made a big statement:”Chinese people cannot live without Foxconn, it is Foxconn who is enjoying food for Chinese people”. After such remarks, Chinese people’s attitude towards Foxconn also dropped to the freezing point. Indeed, foxconn provides a large number of jobs for Chinese people, but he forgot that It is Chinese people who created Foxconn, and the two are complementary to each other.Gou think with apple, a stable customer can follow one’s inclinations, under apple’s urging, the capacity of 12 unceasingly, to completely withdraw from the Chinese market, and is a little low labor costs, and the capacity to move to India, harder, and so on in the process, also let terry gou, understand the cruelty of reality, because of the industrial chain is not perfect,The labor cost saved was not enough to make up for the loss, and Gou continued to move production back to China. Many people thought he was a prodigal son, but it was not the case.Foxconn announced follow-up layout now foxconn has already announced that the layout of the follow-up, and terry gou, be determined, had wanted to move back to China market, on the other hand, is false, have now decided to build factories in India, again and this time cooperation with India is chip plant, for never involved in the field, why foxconn would be so bold?What is the purpose of this?According to the latest news released on February 15th, Foxconn plans to invest $118.7 million in a joint venture with Vedanda, an Indian natural resources group, to build a chip factory. Although the investment is not large, it shows foxconn’s determination to enter the chip business.Foxconn says this is to support India’s semiconductor manufacturing systems, but clearly the purpose is more than that.Gou to do so, the purpose of the great probability or to return to India market, he is a very smart person, know for a long time to stay in the market, with the improving of the China’s overall industrial level, also will continue to reduce its competitiveness, apparently he hasn’t given up the layout of the globalization, but he has ignored the importance of the Chinese market for foxconn,The experience of setting up a factory in India did not impress him.Terry gou, what is the purpose of the world are pushing the development of semiconductor industry, while India is no exception, had already announced to provide funds of 760 billion rupees, or $10.2 billion of capital as a special support fund, although for semiconductor field that money is nothing, but to no technology accumulation,But for Foxconn, which wants to enter the chip field, it is a golden opportunity.India’s chip industry is almost zero, there is no corresponding industry chain, is also doomed there will be no enterprise willing to invest, and foxconn in May is the subsidy, since not to spend your own money, and lay the foundation for themselves into the chip area, this is what is there against it? What, what’s more, India is not without any advantage,Its cheap Labour is what Foxconn needs.Under comprehensive fastidious, foxconn to India to establish chip plant, for India, it is a nice surprise, although the investment funds is not much, but it is one of the few willing to investment in India’s semiconductor industry enterprises, India natural foxconn will be green light all the way, as far as possible to provide the corresponding preferential treatment, finally is likely to be a win-win situation.For foxconn, into the field of semiconductor has now it is too late, not only the economy developed Indian market there is a little chance, competition can also help foxconn rushes out one day, but apparently gou’s real purpose is not in the semiconductor field, but in order to better the layout of their overseas contract, but to hold the apple that a key customers.Foxconn “addiction” how to get rid of apple company is the most serious order for apple rely on enterprise, once lost order of apple and its status and value may drop the bottom, so at present, the challenge is great, layout global market and to cater to cook transfer capacity plan, but in the end, but a “feather”,Not only did it lose access to the Chinese market, it also lost a lot of money and time in The Indian market.In order to complete apple processing orders, gou had to emergency 200000 employees in the Chinese market, which is not in his subjective will, he had determined to slowly out of the Chinese market, while India’s current state and is similar to previous China, foxconn has identified the market at present, and began to gradually chip area, also to have certain possible,It is preparing for the future to be free of dependence on Apple orders.India’s 10.2 billion subsidy, if foxconn like, is sure to get a lot of share, but foxconn will face many difficulties in India market, although the cheap labor, but the quality is generally low, the enthusiasm of staff, and China is no comparability, gou is obviously a gamble, bet his future in the Indian market,What do you think about that?For more exciting content, follow us on Twitter