During the Spring Festival holiday, heze’s high-speed traffic volume fell by 11.49% to 1.1 million units

2022-07-23 0 By

Peony Evening News (Peony Evening News all media reporter Feng Kai) Peony Evening News all media reporter from Heze high speed traffic police detachment learned that during the Spring Festival holiday, the city within the territory of the highway traffic volume reached 1.1 million times.According to reports, compared with the traffic flow of 1.143 million units during the Spring Festival holiday in 2021, the traffic flow of heze’s expressway decreased by 3.7%;This year’s traffic flow, a car heze 599,000 cars, into a car 501,000 cars, 96,600 cars of large vehicles, a small vehicle 1,04,000 cars;Heze local cars 297,500 times, other provinces, non-local vehicles 803,300 times.In addition, 77 traffic accidents occurred on expressways in The city during the Spring Festival holiday this year, down 11.49% from 87 in 2021.