Today spring | spring comes together to wait for flowers

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Years not in season such as the flow of a new solar term came to our side on Feb. 4 (the lunar calendar January 4) 4 51 points we have 24 solar terms of spring, was also spring, ChunQi began to establish also winter spring, Yang and qi zhi revival, the product have Chris is warm, charactizing a fine spring day east weathering by west wind, the rain the sun and heat melting ice, vegetation incipience,Spring is growing, cultivating and sowing all things Su Meng landscape wake up, the beginning of the year farmers and plowing people sow new seeds at the same time also planted a New Year’s look forward to spring is hope, full of vitality with the cold gradually disappear, the world spring people live up to the spring,Work outside the home entertainment another rise in most areas in north China is still a winter scene but can obviously feel the day is long, the sun warm anyway, spring begins just after a conception “tender, pear flower Bai Xuexiang LiuSe gold” is a microcosm of spring phenology course but under the snow, and freezing force of qingqing has after inoculation of spring,Until the spring, it is more necessary to go out with friends or swing, or fly a kite in nature, it is endless fun spring end of a year, farming early plan industrious people from this day began to work in the New Year although it is still cold,Although there is still a long way to go in the meteorological sense of spring, this does not prevent us from planning for the future.Lettuce at first pick appropriate roll cake, pennant rotary cut known as the chai.Hugh wax thousand heavy hate, tube into the New Year Pepsi harmonic.From then on the flower and the scene, do hold the wind into poetry huai.In the spring, I hope to see a wind and moon with you, enjoy a flower, put a kite, to an outing.Bai Juyi, in the first day of Spring, presented the money to his counterparts in Qujiang.Two people hand in hand language, ten miles to see the mountain.Willow early yellow shallow, hydrology green micro.Scenery to the evening, near the south sparse.Machine laugh at each other, not startled gull heron fly.May the beginning of spring bring us through the difficult times together, and all of our friends can start the poetic year.”Xu Liu” he Zhizhang jasper makeup into a tree high, ten thousand down green silk sash.I do not know who cut the thin leaves, The spring breeze in February like scissors.Spring has arrived and everything we have experienced will make us stronger.”Hui Chong Spring River evening scene” Su Shi bamboo peach blossom, spring river warm duck prophet.3. If the leaves are short, it is time for the pufferfish to go up.No matter how much you waste, always have a good heart, a love of life, a hope for the future, smile during the day, sleep at night, go with the flow, go with the flow, fun.Among the white clouds on the Yellow River, there was a lonely town with a mountain.Qiang Flute why blame willows, spring breeze does not do Yumenguan.A philosopher once said, “Life is a kaleidoscope, full of colors. I look at it quietly, and think about it quietly.This spring, I wish you and I slow down, listen to an old song, warm a pot of old wine, visit an old friend, talk about a fun, play a good game of chess.”Garden is not worth” Ye Shaweng should pity clog teeth printed cang moss, small button chai fei long not open.Spring garden caged, a red apricot out of the wall.One season, one scene, four seasons.In the long life, we see the spring flowers, catch the summer fireflies, blow the autumn wind, enjoy the winter snow.I wonder what unique beauty do you see in spring?”Reward Lotte Yangzhou at the beginning of the banquet see gift” Liu Yuxi Bashan Chu Water desolate, twenty-three years abandoned place.Nostalgia empty sing flute fu, turn to the countryside like rotten ke people.The side of the boat thousands of sails, sick trees before the spring.Listen to your song today, temporarily with a cup of wine long spirit.People have to experience, to laugh at every inch of time, just like winter snow is spring, there are always flowers in full bloom after heavy snow.This life, trials and hardships, wish you like a child in the sun, like an adult in the wind and rain.”Early spring was the Ministry of Water zhang Eighteen member outside” Han Yu Tianjie light rain run as crisp, grass color distant look near but no.The most is a spring benefit, absolutely win yanliu full emperor.Every spring, there are some indomitable, stubborn grass, efforts to break through obstacles, see the sun!Their indomitable vitality is worth our learning.The beginning of Spring du Fu dish lettuce in spring, remembering two jing mei hair time.Dish out the gaomen line of white jade, dishes pass the hand to send hair.Wu Gorge cold River that pair of eyes, Du Ling distant visitors are very sad.This body unknown return place, call son to find paper a poem.No one knows, in this world, how many feelings, belong to the shallow encounter, deep friend;More no one knows, this world, how much love, belong to silent companions, silent joy.I hope in the days to come, want to be together don’t leave, want to hand in hand with the people are not separated, stable, not afraid of wind and rain.Source: Xinhua News Agency, Poetry World, new Gansu · Every day Gansu net, practice editor: Bai Peiwen supervision: Mu Haoqiang