Wang Meng commentary seat roar: certainly won!You can always trust the Chinese short track team

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Fan Kecin, Qu Chunyu, Ren Ziwei and Wu Dajing skated 2:37.348 in the men’s and women’s 2,000m mixed relay final to win the first gold medal for China at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, reported NetEase Sports on February 5.The gap between the final champion and runner-up was only 0.016 seconds. Wang Meng, who was the commentator of the game, shouted passionately after Wu Dajing crossed the line: You can always trust the Chinese short track team!My eyes are rulers!I told you it was a win!The penalty is not in dispute!Wang Meng: this shows me repeatedly ten times I do this!Short track mixed relay semifinal, China narrowly qualified for the final.Waiting for the referee’s decision, Wang Meng was also very anxious. “Did you see that?Be sure to look from above!How pyeongchang 2018 judged us, team USA!That’s what I’ve been watching ten times!”Russia was ruled out of the United States after the direct clap table Shouting: “China team into the final!I can see right!That’s what I do!Oh, how heart-wrenching!Look what I say!”The top flow!On February 5, Beijing time, the first race day of the Beijing Winter Olympics, short track speed skating, Wang Meng and Huang Jianxiang commentary competition.Liu Shaolin of Hungary competed in the men’s 1000 meters heat.In addition to professional knowledge of short track speed skating, Wang meng also gave us some unknown gossip: “I have met Liu Shaolin since he was very young, and he also has a nickname stinky.”When there are Turkish players false start, Wang Meng said: what performance is this Turkish players?I guess is to grab a shot in the world, and a photo….When commenting on Ren ziwei’s ability, Wang Meng said, “It’s all over if a person kicks nine laps. Let them fight it out after them.”This time from football to the short track speed skating field commentary Huang Jianxiang, quietly to Wang Meng in the side of the gen.Source: NetEase Sports