Hefei traffic speed up, development planning officially released!

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Recently, the “14th Five-year” Transportation Development Plan of Hefei was officially issued. The plan proposed that by 2025, Hefei will be basically built into a national comprehensive transportation hub linking the Yangtze River Delta and the central and western parts of the Yangtze River Delta gateway. Hefei will be built into a demonstration city of transportation power.(Source: Hefei Daily) “14th Five-year plan” will be hefei traffic construction speed up five years.Hefei’s railway network will evolve from “meter-shaped” to “clock-shaped”, with a total mileage of 1,000 kilometers.A total of 10 urban rail lines will be developed, with a total length of 500 km either completed or under construction.Expressways will form a layout of “two ring roads, 13 fire routes and multiple links”, with a mileage of 1,000 kilometers built or under construction.Ordinary national and provincial trunk roads will form a layout of “one ring, seven horizontal lines and seven vertical lines,” and the length of first-level roads built or under construction will reach 1,500 kilometers.Urban expressways will form a pattern of “five horizontal and seven vertical multi-directional encryption”, with a mileage of 500 kilometers built or under construction.Xinqiao International Airport will be upgraded from 4E to 4F, and seize the reform of low-altitude airspace to speed up the construction of a number of general airports;We will advance the construction of a first-class waterway connecting the Zhaoxi River to the Yangtze River, and realize hefei’s dream of connecting the Yangtze river to the sea.To all the towns in the whole city at the end of the “difference” for 15 minutes on the hefei city circle 1 hour and 1.5 hours commuting Yangtze river delta center city tongda 2 hours each city divided into districts in the province unicom it is worth noting that hefei in hefei to speed up the construction of the new west railway station, hefei south intercity station, promote FeiDong high-speed upgrade for hefei station, the formation of “5 + 5 + N” passenger transport hub layout,Including Hefei Xinqiao Airport, New Hefei West Railway Station, Hefei South Railway Station, Hefei Station, Hefei East Railway Station 5 national level passenger transport hubs, Feixi, Chaohu East, Lujiangxi, Hefei Beicheng, Shuijiahu intercity station 5 regional level passenger transport hubs and several general hubs.A rendering of the new Hefei West Railway Station.5G, big data, cloud computing, and Beidou Navigation navigation are more widely used in the field of transportation. Hefei will build a high-standard Hefei TOCC (Comprehensive Traffic Operation Monitoring and Coordination Center).We will expand the application of autonomous driving and intelligent connected vehicles, and promote the application of pure electricity, hydrogen fuel and other new energy transportation equipment.Hefei-chaohu-maanshan Intercity Railway, urban rail transit Line 1 Phase iii, Line 4, Line 5, Eastern extension of Line 2, Southern extension of Line 3, southern extension of Line 4, First phase of Line 6, First phase of Line 7, and first phase of Line 8;The “14th Five-year” new project of Xinqiao Airport Line S1, Heuning, Hewuwu and Hexin High-speed railways along the Yangtze River, Hefei-Xinqiao Airway-Liu ‘an Intercity Railway, The “14th Five-year” planning research project of Feidong Trolley Line 1, Hekang High-speed Railway, G60 Science and innovation Corridor Hefei-Wuhu Maglev Channel test project,Hefei, chizhou, hefei, wuhu, xuancheng, hefei, xinqiao airport, huainan, bengbu (Montreal), hefei, chuzhou, nanjing, hefei, xinqiao airport – fuyang, LuJiang – chaohu inter-city railway, such as hefei, LuJiang, hefei, changfeng, huainan, hefei, chaohu, hefei, luan, hefei, ShuCheng (wanfu lake), and other area (rural) railway,Urban rail in the fourth phase of the construction project and LuJiang streetcar line plan study of highway construction projects in the extension project of “difference” Shanghai han high-speed inaction to YueXi, Germany on the hefei to CongYang paragraphs, high speed, the shanghai-shaanxi expressway expansion projects (luan bound to hefei west hub) and Ann highway expansion project (horse weir hub to anqing industry)New expressway of “14th Five-year plan” Project:Double line the shanghai-shaanxi expressway, Taiwan expressway west winding, the Taiwan high-speed chuzhou to road hub section, nest huang highway (Xia Ge to inaction bound), xuan business highway section, and county to hefei in hefei highway, hefei to yeji expressway, called xuan hang two channels, high-speed LuJiang everyday period of hefei, hefei round high-speed link and the outside around south ring connection, Taiwan high speedFei-bengbu Section expansion project Expressway connectivity:Add huainan North Road, Wenzhong Road, Qiaotou Ji Road, Yaogang Road, Yulan Avenue, Bailianyan Road, Weiwu Road, Shenzhen Road, Jinxiu Avenue, Changfeng West, Yijing and other interconnections, and continue to build Ketan interconnections.Reconstruction and expansion of Jinzhai Road and Shushan interchange “14th Five-year” planning research project Shanghai-Chengdu expressway double track project, national and provincial trunk road construction project”14th Five-year” continuation project G329 (Hexiang Road, Xidu Road, Xiage to Hanshan Jie) reconstruction, G206 (Wushan to Nangang section) new construction, S101 New Hebian Road reconstruction, S102 Wucao Road (phase ii) reconstruction, S227 Daihe Road to Weiwu section, S329 He6 Nantong Road reconstruction, Huizhou Avenue southern extension, S232 Tangchi Avenue, S330 Shengqiao to BaiReconstruction of mountain section, S451 Spring Water to Huanggu Section “14th Five-year” new project National and provincial trunk Highway:S103 (Sanhe and Tongda transit section, Luobu to Dianqiao section) reconstruction, S105 Chaohu section rapid reconstruction, S211 Gucheng to Liangyuan section reconstruction, S215 Gaolang to Dingyuan section reconstruction, S218 Chaohu connecting line modificationS231 Lujiang South Daokou to Ketan section reconstruction, S232 Wanshan to Leqiao section reconstruction, S321 Shuijiu Road to Zhangci section reconstruction, S323 Bailong to Yangmiao section, S324 (Badou to Ancient City section, Yuantuan to Yanliu section) reconstruction, S330 Shengqiao to Wuwejie section reconstruction, S440 Taoxi to Chunshu section reconstruction, S330 Shengtong Road ring Chaohu connecting line to TongLarge sections of national and provincial trunk service areas:Shitang, officer, pinch of town, shannan, temple hills, kiosks and other service area “difference” planning research project S101 fee set to Tuan period of reconstruction, high S236 shop to shannan period of reconstruction, G346 Shang Chi to shing bridge construction, S241 shop high-speed crossings to ring chaohu road reconstruction, yan S227 (white dragon to store port section, pang ancient pile to build a segment) reconstruction, S327 it to zhongxingSection reconstruction, S215 Gailiang to Huanglu section reconstruction, S220 Sanbi to Wuwei section reconstruction, S328 Xiage to Hanshan Section reconstruction, S328 connection line Zegao to Hanshan Section reconstruction, S449 Huailin to Wuwei section reconstruction, S450 Huailin to Bazhen section reconstruction, S601 Chaohu urban district to Sanbi section reconstruction, Lu ‘an Jinyu Avenue east extension to Hefei Bustling Road •End. Source: hefei daily audit | Ma Nana coordinating editor | wang edit | Wang Xue