Innovation makes science “lightweight” (New Language)

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It has lowered the threshold for the public to acquire and understand knowledge, expanded the boundary of knowledge production and dissemination, and helped create a good atmosphere for popular science popularization.Why is black land called “giant panda in arable land”?What is the connection between quadratic equations of one variable and standard field theory?These interesting questions were part of the Chinese Academy of Sciences’ 2022 New Year’s Eve Science Lecture, which attracted 2.6 million views online.Thanks to 5G, big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies, popular science in the information age has been updated with images, cartoons and videos, and scientific knowledge that used to be “cold” has been more vividly presented to the public.According to the Outline of action Plan for The Scientific Literacy of the Whole People (2021-2035), the in-depth integration of traditional media and new media should be promoted to realize multi-channel and all-media dissemination of popular science content.Popular science videos are a useful attempt.From the perspective of content, visual scene, interesting expression and professional content are one of the important reasons why popular science videos continue to attract fans.Blowing balloons to demonstrate the expansion of the universe, using an iron pan to simulate the working mechanism of the “Chinese Eye”, adding liquid nitrogen into a plastic bottle to show the “first speed of the universe”…Experts and scholars are actively popularizing science through social media platforms, using everyday objects as teaching tools to deconstruct obscure scientific concepts, which not only “lightens” advanced scientific knowledge, but also “democratizes” cutting-edge scientific hotspots.Popular science videos lower the threshold for the public to obtain and understand knowledge, expand the boundary of knowledge production and dissemination, and help create a good atmosphere for popular science.High-quality popular science videos tend to classify groups and refine video content according to audiences’ different needs for scientific knowledge, thus playing a positive role in aiming at the target and improving the efficiency of popular science.For example, the NHC organized and produced a series of popular science videos on health education for the elderly with the theme of “Improving health literacy and Enjoying a Silver Age life”.For example, on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the publication of the popular science book “100 thousand Whys”, which is the childhood memory of countless people, a short video edition has been released, which enables the scientific seeds in children’s minds to sprout and grow in a richer form.The popularity of popular science videos reflects the public’s preference for the humanistic feelings behind them.Wu Yuren, a retired physics professor in his 70s, has become a “scientific grandma” in Kuaishou, and Wang Pinxian, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, has become a “net celebrity academician” on B website…Science popularization workers for decades of academic research and knowledge popularization, let people see the persistence of scientists and science popularization workers;The older generation of scientists and engineers’ hard work in developing major scientific and technological breakthroughs such as the “two bombs and one satellite”, and the twists and turns of modern engineers in designing super projects such as the Beidou Navigation Satellite System…Popular science videos tell stories, so that the spirit of scientists into the hearts of the audience, triggered.”Whatever you do, you will win;Whatever the wisdom does, it does.”The popularity of popular science videos shows us the positive value of sharing knowledge.To improve the scientific quality of the whole people, popular science videos have great potential in the current era of science and technology.(Chen Shihan) People’s Daily (13th edition, March 28, 2022)