“Double reduction”, Nanjing Yuhuatai Yin Xi community so promote the parent-child growth

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Eat tangyuan, guess lantern riddles, make yuanxiao.On the eve of the 15th day of the lunar New Year, children from 15 groups of families in Yinxi community, Tiexinqiao street, Yuhuatai district learned to make glutinous rice balls by themselves under the guidance of volunteer teachers.”Not only did we learn how to make tangyuan, but our teacher also told us a lot about the Lantern Festival. For example, the reason for the lantern appreciation is the ancient folk tradition of turning on the lanterns to pray for good luck.”Grade 4 Miaoziyang’s first winter holiday after “double reduction” has been the fourth time to participate in community activities.”It’s the first time my child has cooked tangyuan by himself. He was so happy to eat them all.”Ms. Qi, a citizen who brought her two children to the festival, told reporters that apart from learning how to make Yuanxiao, they had participated in many other activities, such as creating stickers and watching red movies.”My child has not only made many new friends, but also has much better hands-on skills and is willing to go home and show us what he has learned.”It is understood that as early as two months before the winter vacation, Yin Xi community began to seriously plan this winter vacation “double reduction” work.Zhu Huihong, president of The Women’s Federation of Yinxi Community, introduced that in the first winter holiday after the “double reduction”, they created a menu of moral, intellectual, physical, American and labor education through three steps of “harmony atmosphere”, “full development” and “Beauty education”.”We send high-quality tutoring resources and services to families through family orders, community orders and women’s federations.”Not long ago, a couple of post-90s parents in the community asked if they could teach their children to draw a “three-in-one” family blueprint.After the community received such a list, the Women’s Federation began to organize and plan, inviting experts from the Academy of Fine Arts to the community to bring you a wonderful activity.Since the implementation of the “double reduction” policy, Yinxi community adhere to the “harmony” gathering force, to the “beauty” education, the “three whole” community family education guidance model and the development of the United States yinxi integrated into the concept of “life is education”.”We have opened up a special area for family education, formed a publicity system for the concept of ‘three rights’, and initially formed a matrix of family education service outlets.”Zhu Huihong explained that the so-called family service network matrix, namely in the Party and the masses service center, Zhihui people’s livelihood service station, Shimao 52+ business area to open up a family education area, in the life service places implanted family education concept and atmosphere, is one of the characteristics of Yin Xi community “double reduction” work.”We hope to take children’s activities as the starting point to explore the elements of family education guidance, provide parents with supportive learning content and method guidance, and promote the parent-child growth together.””For the next stage, we will actively work with schools in the district to incorporate relevant concepts into their teaching.Dynamically grasp the needs of families, adjust measures to local conditions, skillfully use resources, innovative services, create the “Harmony and the United States Yin Xi” family education service brand, promote community family education support action steady and long-term, for the implementation of the ‘double reduction’ effect vivid note.”Zhu Huihong said.Yangtse Evening News/Purple Cow news reporter Xu Qianqian video rong Yiye proofread Li Haihui