New Year’s Eve: Longju balls, a dongying specialty

2022-07-26 0 By

Qilu Evening News · Qilu one point reporter Duan Xuehu Cui Lihui

In Dongying, meatballs will be used as gifts for relatives and friends during New Year and festivals, which is also a classic dish for family dinner.Longju meatballs is a famous dish in Qilu and a landmark food in the Yellow River estuary.Its selection of materials, fine processing, crisp texture, delicious taste, easy to eat, loved.Just like the local delicacies, there is a legend about the dragon-ju meatballs, whose authenticity is yet to be verified.But longju maruko’s reputation is real.Longju town dongying district only meatball manufacturers have not low twenty, among them, the larger enterprises have baiwei Garden food Co., LTD., Shun Chang meatball factory, longju food station, Han’s meatball factory, etc..The reporter learned that the longju ball production method, from the original longju food station Shang Tonglin.1966 to participate in recruitment, Shang Tonglin entered the longju food station work.Under the planned economy, people needed tickets to buy daily necessities, and food stations sold pork.At that time, there was a lack of supplies, so people liked to buy fat meat and boil it into lard at home to make up for the lack of cooking oil, so the remaining meat sold at the food station was mainly lean meat.Using the lean meat, Shang Tonglin, who is now a food station master, makes them into meatballs for resale.After the development of market economy, Shang Tonglin transferred to niuzhuang food company work, food company in addition to the production of food, but also in the village to undertake wedding banquet.In this way, pork balls really from the food station era of small-scale sporadic production, developed into a local rural banquet reserved dishes, classic dishes.The difference in taste of pork balls is mainly the difference in material selection.For balls, pure lean meat, tenderloin is the best.Add salt, spring onion and ginger, then grab and marinate.Pickled flavor and then began to chop meat, meat in the past purely rely on manpower, two catties of meat will chop half an hour, it is a test of the master’s physical strength, arm strength.Chop the meat paste, need to season again, add starch, egg white, pepper and star anise water, along a direction to stir.Today, most people use a small spoon to help them. In the past, the chef used to make a round meatball with just his two hands without using tools.Grab the puree with your left hand and squeeze it out, then gently press it with your right thumb to form a meatball. If the shape is not perfect, you can also adjust it in your hand before putting it in the pan.When boiling meatballs, the water temperature should be about 60℃. After boiling the meatballs, they will float up gradually. Roll them a few times and they will be cooked.At this time, pick up the balls and run them over the cold water quickly, and the crisp taste will come out.Fresh hot water balls have good elasticity, pick up a natural drop, can jump on the plate.Pour the boiled balls in the original soup, sprinkle with coriander, and a fresh, crisp Longju balls are ready to serve.